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I instantly thought of the short story called "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. [link] (One of my favs) The title character...

by Massat

You know, it really is the little details that make a great piece. Just the direction they each are facing says a lot. I love that they...

What I love most about this picture is that it tells an entire story. I get the sense that maybe she was coming to this place to meet h...

I love the brush strokes at the top. It's a nice touch. And the white where it tapers out at the bottom looks very stark against the da...



A Lady Insane

It's been over a year since I took this, but I still miss him.

For David Bowie, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke. RIP
When I was a child, and something very good was ending, like a vacation or summer break, I would get this... feeling. Dread isn't quite the right word. And to say it was a physical reaction doesn't sound right, but in a way, it was. It felt sickly sweet and cloying. Like someone with too much perfume was smothering me, or I was ingesting the smell of too sweet candles. Yeah, I felt engorged on saccharine syrup. It gave me a bellyache.

Occasionally, I feel that way again, and I take it to be an omen, foreshadowing an ending.

I feel it now. And it scares me. I never knew how to get rid of that feeling as a child. I still don't. It sits like a pit in my stomach.

Maybe it's just change. Change is scary. Isn't it? Maybe it's growing pains. We never stop growing... no matter how old. Maybe it's my barometer. And when the world, either my own or the larger world, is taking a bad turn, it acts as a beacon. Alerting me of the impending-- Doom.

Whatever the case, it's always felt wrong. Makes me feel off. Maybe it's the little part of me that's itchy to DO, when all I want to do is NOTHING. If that part still exists.

I used to escape. Into books and movies and other realms of make-believe. Now, I embrace the nothing. But the nothing is cold and has no arms to embrace back. Maybe that's why I take no comfort in it, even though it feels like the only safe place I have, sometimes.

I'm in a bad relationship with nothingness. We spend all of our downtime together, and it's abusive. Or, more likely, I'm abusive. And the nothing can't stop me.

Nothing can stop me...


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miriam (molly)
United States
I want to fast forward,
Flash toward the horizon and
look back through my dust cloud.
Give me green lights and even greener pastures,
Lead me to home,
Whatever that is.

Current Residence: Philly, PA
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Alt are my favs
Favourite style of art: hmmm...
MP3 player of choice: Slacker
Personal Quote: "Man is born free, and is everywhere in chains." ~Rousseau

Will Feature for food... I mean, comments.

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 21, 2011, 9:18 AM
:Pretty Peacock by littleshireling:

The first 15 people to comment in this journal get a feature.:heart:

The catch is, that you must post this in your journal, putting me in the first place (in my case that would be the amazing bumble-boo), and continue the chain! Well, I won't make it mandatory, but it might be a nice gesture if you did! (If you don't have a sub, you can do a feature with links.

Plus, it's a chance for you to get featured even more if you do continue it.  So comment!!

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  • Reading: The Somnambulist
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  • Playing: Words with Friends
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  • Drinking: Tea :)




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And I might be moving to England in a year or two. I hope. :I
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